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So, the pillow hunt starts again. I can feel your troubles. Finding an ideal pillow is so challenging but when you do it, the satisfaction is so immense. For many among you, the lack of the right pillow is giving you sleepless nights.


It’s important to understand that your pillow choice is very crucial for your overall sleep health. Finding the right balance of comfort and support in your pillow to suit your posture and sleep position is absolutely necessary. You need to protect your muscles from getting sore and prevent your body from agonizing neck and back pain. This is particularly an issue that I’ve had throughout my life and I personally know the importance of my pillow to be supportive and conforming.

To save you from all the time and troubles, we are here for you. Today, I have spent a bit of time to give you a detailed analysis of one of the popular pillow choices in the market today, the Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow. So, should you try this pillow out? Let’s find out.


My order for the pillow came in under five days with free shipping. It’s in a Nest bedding white box. The pillow was simply wrapped in plastic making it easy to open and take out. The pillow wasn’t compressed in the box, unlike normal shredded foam pillows. This was a pleasant change from the normal roll packed pillows. I feel that sometimes too much compression can alter the pillow life. There was a little off-gassing smell which went away after 2 hours.

Size Options:

The Nest Easy Breather Pillow is available in 3 sizes – Standard, Queen, and King. Choose one according to your own size and the size of your bed.

easy breather pillow reviewStandard size is 24’’x16’’. Queen sized pillow is 3 inches wider and the King size measures 32’’x16’’. While a standard pillow suffices for many, choose a Queen Pillow if you toss and turn in your sleep as it gives room on each side of the head. Go for a King Easy breather Pillow size if you not only toss and turn but also use the pillow as a support for Laptop in the bed.


Easy Breather Pillow Pricing:

  • Standard Size – $99
  • Queen Size – $109
  • King – $129


The Nest Easy Breather Pillow comprises of shredded memory foam instead of latex noodles. It provides a soft and cool feeling with extended molding and contouring abilities. The response time is slower as expected.

The best thing about the pillow is that it contains a zipper at the end of the cover. Thus you can remove the memory foam filling and adjust the loft, which makes it flexible for all kinds of sleepers. As the name indicates, the pillow doesn’t comprise of any chemicals and is a great alternative for people experiencing allergic reactions to Latex or other chemicals.

The pillow cover gives a very elegant and luxurious feel to the whole product. The cover is made of Tencel blended organic cotton. It gives a very soft and pliable sleeping experience. The shredded memory foam filing allows for a breathable pillow due to more number of air pockets. The heat doesn’t retain as it dissipates easily. This was great for me being a hot sleeper. The pillow certainly lives up to its name and remains fresh like a meadow. There’s also a silver ribbon along the periphery of the pillow with the brand name. I think this gives it a more luxurious look.

Comfort & Support:

The feel of the Easy Breather pillow is unique and impressive. It’s been One of the best pillows I have slept on. It’s super soft, supportive and moldable. I can customize the pillow to adapt to my sleeping style from week to week. The combination of the organic cotton cover with the infused memory foam is just a great all around feel for my neck and head.


The response time is ok for having memory foam in it. I think this is important if I wanted to move my head from right to left. The pillow bounces back after you release the pressure. It is an advantage for someone who changes positions in their sleep quite frequently. The reason being the head doesn’t get trapped or too sunk in which restricts air flow and can wake you up.

Regarding support and customization, the pillow reigns supreme. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you can decrease the loft by removing 60-70% of the filling. It allowed me to align the pillow perfectly with my spinal position. I sleep more on my back and I only removed about 30-40% of the fill, which was the perfect loft for me. The highest loft is about 8 inches but with your heads weight will compress down a bit.

Easy Breather Pillow Overview:

The Easy Breather pillow gets my recommendation. The standard version is less responsive and great for traditional memory foam experience.

In nutshell, you must buy the pillow if you:

  1. Want a highly adjustable pillow
  2. Are a stomach, back or any kind of sleeper
  3. Are looking for a soft and breathable pillow
  4. Have allergies to latex or any other chemicals
  5. Are looking for exclusive made in US pillow

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