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Did you know that 1 in every 3 American adults don’t get enough sleep as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? While there may be several factors contributing to this statistic, your mattresses if often a culprit.

Facilitating a conducive bedroom environment sets the mood for better sleep—allowing you to wake up rested and energized to conquer the world. This calls for careful consideration while shopping for a new mattress. Ensure you find a mattress that is comfortable yet supportive enough for your unique body size/preferences. But buying the best mattress is easier said than done.

Tons of online vendors, confusing reviews, different material/constructs, varying price points – shopping for the best mattress in 2020 is a daunting task! Luckily, we were more than happy to do the “dirty work” of researching and testing some of the best mattresses in the market. The outcome? A definitive ranking of the best mattresses of 2020.

If you’re hunting for the best mattress that offers maximum value for money—or one that provides the ideal support to improve your sleep quality—your solution is likely housed in one of the mattresses discussed below. Picking the right mattresses is a game-changer as far as your health and productivity are concerned—and the list below ensures you get maximum bang for your buck! Dreamy nights and transcending mornings await.

Bear Mattress / Best for Active Lifestyles

Something about the term “Bear Mattress” feels comforting! Maybe it’s the association of actual bears with hugs or just the company’s brand image and effective marketing campaigns. Either way, Bear Mattress easily earns a spot as one of the best mattresses of 2020. Here’s why:

Bear is a U.S.-based brand with a relatively enviable rapport among athletes and anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. Their flagship product—the Bear Mattress—spots 10-inches of foam constructed to relieve pressure and offer support. The layers include a polyfoam and gel-infused graphite memory foam for comfort—and a high-density foam base below a polyfoam transitional layer. The mattress has a firmness of 5 (medium), which is geared towards the needs of most people.

But the most impressive or stand out feature of the Bear Mattress has to be its Celliant cover. Get this; Its fabric is engineered to help the body recover faster through tissue oxygenation. How? Well, it converts a sleeper’s body heat into infrared energy—which improves sleep quality and helps with recovery.

If the Bear mattress sounds good enough for you, the company allows you to take it for a 100-night test run (no-risk trial). The mattress also comes with a 1-year and 10-year warranty for the Celliant cover and inner components, respectively.

Buy Bear Mattress Here

Saatva / Best Innerspring Mattress

In an online industry flooded with foam mattresses, Saatva takes a rather unconventional approach – innerspring and pillowtop mattresses. This is much like what you’d get in a brick-and-mortar store. Only that with Saatva you can order your mattress online and have it delivered + installed for FREE.

Like an innerspring mattress, Saatva does not skimp on edge support. Better yet, the coils are wrapped individually—meaning you can shift and toss around in bed with minimal motion transfer (couples take note). The mattress comes in three firmness levels (Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush Soft).

Saatva offers a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial as a sign of confidence in their product.

PS: Saatva uses CertiPUR-US certified foam, natural latex, organic cotton, and other environmentally-friendly material.

Buy Saatva Mattress Here

Layla / Best for Versatility

How do you like your mattress—firm or soft? Well, how about both? With Layla’s memory foam mattress, you can enjoy a piece of both worlds. All you have to do is flip it over … and that’s it! This is ideal for users who are often undecided over where their comfort level lies. It gives you the flexibility to discover the type of pressure relief or support your body needs at any given moment.

Another impressive feature of Layla is its cooling mechanism. The cover and foam contain copper—which is an excellent heat conductor and natural antimicrobial. This helps transfer heat away from your sleeping spot and prevents overheating. It’s also worth noting that the design provides zoned support to help keep your spine in a neutral position while elevating your hips.
Layla memory foam mattress comes with a 120-night trial period to give the mattress a whirl—though we’re almost certain you’ll love the mattress.

Buy Layla Mattress Here

Puffy Mattress / Best for Mass Appeal


Not overly hot or cold, not overly soft or firm, and minimizes motion transfer – the Puffy mattress was clearly designed to cater to the needs of a wide variety of sleepers. As one of the best mattresses of 2020, it offers comfy support, spine alignment, and great pressure relief – a combination fit for mass appeal.

With a medium firmness of 5, the mattress supports most sleepers under 230 pounds—especially back and side sleepers. However, this firmness level may not be supportive enough for people over 230 pounds. Simply put, it’s ideal for users who have different sleep preferences.

The brand name “Puffy” hints to the idea that sleeping on the mattress mimic the feeling of sleeping on a cloud (or what we assume it would feel like). This is achieved through a 3-layer foam construction—including a blend of high-density polyfoam and gel memory foam. It also comes in a stain-resistance mattress cover that can be easily removed for cleaning.

The Puffy is made in the USA (made to order) and returns/deliveries are free. You also get to enjoy a 101-night risk-free trial.

Buy Puffy Mattress Here

The Purple Mattress / Best for Uniqueness

Purple is not your average mattress – it’s one-of-a-kind courtesy of its patented grid-like material. The proprietary cushioning technology promises to offer a delicate combination of firm and soft that users seem to crave. Although we personally loved the feel of the cushioning material, the best way to experience it is by having a go yourself.

Below the high-quality cushioning grid, you can either opt for a 2-layered foam model or a hybrid (innerspring and one layer of foam) model. This offers both breathability and comfort—making the Purple Mattress one of the best mattresses of 2020.

The company offers to haul away your old mattress and install your brand-new Purple for free. It also comes with a 10-year warranty covering indentations exceeding 1 inch and 100-night sleep trial.

Buy Purple Mattress Here

Avocado Mattress / Best for Eco-Friendliness

Looking for a mattress that facilitates sound sleep without sacrificing your green ambitions? The Avocado mattress has the answer! It’s made with GOLS organic certified latex, hand-tufted wool, organic cotton, and non-toxic material.

Avocado is a brand that stands out in the crowded bed-in-a-box mattress industry—courtesy of the eco-conscious approach. Since its launch in 2015, the company has actively pushed for safer and sustainable sleeping environments by producing eco-friendly and affordable latex hybrid mattresses. Oh, and they donate 1% of their proceeds to environmentally-focused initiatives.

As for the construct, it combines pressure-relieving latex with a targeted coil support system. It also has a euro-style pillow top for those who appreciate some extra padding. The pocketed coil takes the bulk of the Avocado. But unlike typical coil systems, this one is divided into five zones—each targeting different body parts to promote spine alignment. This is helpful for users with back problems of stomach sleeper who may feel uncomfortable on less supportive mattresses. As a latex hybrid, the Avocado mattress does not retain heat (a common flaw in all-foam mattresses) and it’s resistant to dust mites or mold.

Buy Avocado Mattress Here

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